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Join PXU in exploring and experiencing the allure of the English Language program in Hue through a practical session at the 5-star Silk Path Hotel, an icon of luxury and sophistication in the Central region.

Practical Learning with Silk Path – Understanding the Application of English Language in Hue

, nestled in a meticulously designed area, carries the imprints of Hue's culture, history, and art. It stands out as one of the most luxurious spaces in Central Vietnam, offering refined and modern resort-style accommodations.

Học thực tế ngành Ngôn ngữ Anh tại Huế với khách sạn Silk Path chuẩn 5 sao

The practical session at Silk Path Hotel is not only an opportunity to tour and enjoy the luxurious space but also a chance for English Language students to learn how to apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

Students are welcomed and meet hotel management, sharing insights into the importance and potential of the English language in hotel management. They presented challenges and opportunities that English Language students in Hue might encounter in their daily work at a 5-star hotel like Silk Path.

Going beyond learning about the application of the English language, we were introduced in detail to the functions and responsibilities of different departments in the hotel. From event management, reservations to restaurants and marketing, we gained a better understanding of how each department operates and interacts to maintain and enhance service quality.

PXU Equips Essential Tools for English Language Students in Hue

Known for its 3-year regular university program, with up to 70% practical training and business practical learning from the first year, Phu Xuan University is currently one of the most reputable institutions for English Language education in Hue and the Central region.

These practical sessions help students accumulate knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers. As a result, they gain a clearer understanding of how to apply the English language to practical tasks and work efficiently in the hotel industry.

Phu Xuan University extends its gratitude to Silk Path Hotel for providing the opportunity for an engaging and meaningful practical learning session.